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Gundog Squad & Cockapoo Crew - most exclusive clubs around!

Gundog Squad & Cockapoo Crew - most exclusive clubs around!

We all know how much love, fun and happiness having a dog in our lives can bring us – possibly more than we ever anticipated. Even the niggles of toilet training or recall practice don’t seem like a big deal when replaced with a cuddle and a big lick!

To be honest, we probably didn’t ever realise how much owning a dog would makes us part of community – be it online or in person.

I’m sure we’ve all made friends with ‘Toby’s owner’ in the park [only ever knowing the Dog’s name] and have swapped stories as our pets romp around and play with each other. Instagram and Facebook also provide endless opportunities to make virtual friends and we’ve personally found social media to be a great way to seek and give advice about any doggy related problems we might be facing - not to mention the mishaps, funny incidents, and cute puppy pics we share on a daily basis.

We all know that there are lots of wellbeing benefits to owning a four-legged furry friend too, where – let’s face it - we probably wouldn’t choose to walk 3, 4, 5 miles a day [and definitely not in the rain] unless we had our pooch in tow.

The shared experiences, adventures, and love for our dogs truly unite us ‘Pawrents’. It’s like being part of a club – an exclusive club that only other dog owners get, understand, and want to be a part of.

This feeling of being part of a community of dog owners and dog lovers is what got us thinking and led to the creation of our two new ‘clubs’: Gundog Squad and Cockapoo Crew.

So, what are these clubs we hear you ask?

Gundog Squad and Cockapoo Crew are two members’ clubs dedicated to delivering value to dog pawrents UK wide – from monthly newsletters with the latest dog care tips and training insights, through to special offers on dog brands, activities, and events… not forgetting access to Crumble & Bert’s own range of dog walking accessories and gifts for dog owners, together with exclusive discounts on our pet paw-traits.

Both clubs will also give you the chance to meet and make friends with likeminded dog owners to share stories, advice and general updates about how you and your dogs are getting on. We can’t wait to hear your tales and to see your doggy photos…and we can’t wait to share them with other members too!

The clubs are new and evolving so we are offering free membership with every purchase of a Crumble & Bert product. Visit our store to take a look! Buying one of our products will give you membership for a year to the newest and most exciting dog club around. We also have other products that you might like, including t-shirts, tote bags and more.

As always, we find your ideas and feedback to be helpful – so please get in touch and share your ideas with us. Are their any training tips you would like to hear about? Any products you would like us to test out before you buy? Any merchandise we should be stocking? Send your ideas over to us at

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we are up to with our latest adventures!

Hannah & Annabel x

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What is Crumble and Bert?

What is Crumble and Bert?


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