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What is Crumble and Bert?

What is Crumble and Bert?

Let’s be honest, owning a dog can be a real adventure.

Whether you’re in the process of toilet training a puppy or improving those recall skills, we know there’s nothing quite like the love, loyalty, and endless fun our four-legged friends can bring.

In early 2021, my sister Annabel and I, started documenting the adventures of our own dogs – Crumble and Bert – and from a few social media posts, we could quickly see that so many of you pawrents shared, enjoyed, and laughed at similar experiences.

Having reached a point in our professional careers where we wanted to work on something we found fun and exciting, yet still fulfilling, we knew that Crumble and Bert were the answer – particularly as we both love animals, especially dogs, and always had dogs in our family home when growing up. Enter Crumble and Bert: a membership club dedicated to you, our fellow Pawrents, with a clear purpose to celebrate pet ownership and the enjoyment our pets can bring us.

Over the last 6 months, we have been working hard on some fun dog walking accessories and products for dog owners and are excited to be launching two unique merchandise lines, Gundoq Squad and Cockapoo Crew.

Visit our online store to see our hoodies, t-shirts, totes and more. We welcome your feedback so please don’t be shy in sending us your ideas and suggestions. Are there any products you would like to see or maybe some different colour options?

In addition, we are also working with a talented group of artists to produce Pet Paw-traits. We are always taking photos of our pets on our phones but sometimes it’s more satisfying to have a real-life image of our pooches captured on canvas. Why not let one of our artists create a paw-trait of your beloved pet(s) in oils, pastels or acrylics…We promise you that they won’t disappoint!

Meet the dogs

Now its time to meet the real bosses of Crumble and Bert and the inspiration for so many of our ideas.

Crumble is a one-year old working cocker spaniel.  His favourite things are ducky (a regular fixture in his social media posts), visiting the beach and swimming in swamps! He might look like a cuddly little spaniel, but Crumble has hanger management issues. Never get between a spaniel and his food bowl!

Bert is a three-year-old black Labrador who loves tennis balls, swimming and his girlfriend Betty Their romance is regularly documented on Instagram! Don’t tell anyone but his guilty secret is chewing flipflops. He just can’t get enough of them! Unfortunately, he has a habit of chewing one from each pair so his hoomans regularly walk round wearing mismatched colours!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we are up to with our latest adventures!

Hannah x.

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Gundog Squad & Cockapoo Crew - most exclusive clubs around!

Gundog Squad & Cockapoo Crew - most exclusive clubs around!


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